Signal Box

by The Solitary Cadet

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Recorded and released especially for our Indietracks appearance during the summer of 2011.


released July 1, 2011

All songs Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement



all rights reserved


The Solitary Cadet City of Kingston-upon-Hull, UK

The Solitary Cadet landed on earth from his wood burner powered spaceship on June 19th 2015.
Here he discovered brilliant things both in the surroundings and establishments he frequented but was mostly excited by the activities going on 'Inside Modern Buildings'. ... more

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Track Name: Tony Get Back on the Bike
Tony get back on the bike.
Track Name: All Heroes - (bonus track)
My Friends, my lovers, associates,
All men have been lost to the sea,
I'm afraid I have no master plan,
To raise them from the deep.

On Payroll, they'll be void of all oxygen,
All Heroes, unable to breath,
On payroll, they'll be void of all compliments,
All Heroes, leave widows of the sea

My friends ,my lovers, associates
Won't you follow me down to the quay,
my wife and my daughter have a master plan,
To raise them now from the sea
Track Name: The Way to Show Me
I lost my heart at the fairground,
i blew my brains to kingdom come,
i lost my love at the fairgound,
on a rollercoaster ride she made me come

that's the way to show me,
the way to show me, the way to show me to make me run.
Track Name: Caterpillar Spies
Caterpillar Spies look for clues in the morning
Track Name: The Beekeepers Central/Northern Region
We're the beekeepers Central/Northern region with our jars upon display
There's a slip of a girl with a natural sting
and a black and yellow ponytail
There's a hell of a buzz down the social centre
excitment we can't contain
waxing lyrical gems, the honeys, the men, like soldiers on parade.

and there's a buzz,buzz,buzz on the social scene just like the stars upon parade
and there's a buzz , buzz, buzz on the local scene just like soldiers on parade

We're the beekeepers Central/Norther region
Track Name: Last of the Tea Drinking Temperance Meetings
The last of the tea drinking temperance meetings, with hairsuit appendage and sobering language, we're wheelers, we're dealers, we'll meet in the week, eat bountiful hampers, give welcomes to campers.
then get too drunk to remember, we were standing in the rain.
Track Name: Tiny Little Things
Tiny little things they will keep us together
tiny little things they will tear us apart
took to hiding in the wings but i should know better than let tiny little wings grow break my heart

(you could be my confidance, my butterfly, my moth, you could do whatver you want, to justify what's what)

But we're victims of our own democracy, we buried our head in the sand, we're victims of the law boy you and me, no longer to live in this world.
Track Name: Butterfly and Moth
When i was young i was terrified
i took a leap of faith with a friend of mine
we crossed our fingers and we closed our eyes
and we grew the wings of a butterfly and a moth

pretty soon over passing time
the perrils the cold of the winter tide
so we set our clocks and sleapt in the wild
and waited for the summer time when it's hot

we couldn't sleep though, lye,lye,lye,lye...

we were crowned by the blackbird
willed on by the lord
(he said)you'll be done for this world by the pilgrims sword
we couldn't fathom the strength to flutter or try
(he said)you'll surrender to the magpie give up on your life